21st Congressional District primary election guide

Priorities: Economy; Health care; energy; war on terrorism; campaign finance reform

Congress: F

President: John McCain

Religion: Protestant

Campaign workers: "Hundreds of volunteers"

Need experience to run: Abstained

Salary: Abstained

Campaign Web site: www.jimbuhrmaster.com.

Darius Shahinfar, D-Albany

"I'm running for Congress to renew America's promise and make America work for working families again. We are the nation of freedom, opportunity and hope, but for too many of us, the American dream is slipping away," Shahinfar said. "We need to undo the damage the Bush Administration has caused to our standing in the international community, our economy and our rights here at home over the past eight years. Finally, I'm running to ensure that another career politician or lobbyist isn't sent down to Washington to listen to special interests, but not listen to our interests."

Shahinfar, 41, an attorney and former regional representative for Kirsten Gillibrand in the 20th District, is a backer of "A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq."

The plan, if passed, would shift military efforts to diplomatic, humanitarian and economic efforts.

Being of Iranian descent, Shahinfar has warned against bully tactics when dealing with an Iranian nuclear treat and believes diplomacy should be used at all costs. He said he wants to return America to a land of opportunity for his children's sake, like it was for his parent's generation.

On McNulty, Shahinfar said, "Congressman McNulty's legacy will be of a dedicated representative with a consistent and reliable constituent service by always having an open door for the people in his district."

His one criticism of McNulty: "I would not have voted in favor of the resolution authorizing the President to go to war in Iraq."

He missed one of the Congressional debates to attend his daughter's birth at Albany Medical Center at the time.

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