Albany County law requires businesses to limit the sale of graffiti tools

Mark Lane, manager of Kamco Supply on Railroad Avenue, said his store sells mostly building materials and is not a hardware store, but that they do sell some spray paints and marking paints.

Still, Lane said, one could use these types of tools to create graffiti.

"I don't think [the law] is a bad idea. I'm on Railroad Avenue, and there are kids tagging all up and down," said Lane. "You drive by after these guys freshly painted a building, spending 10 to 15 grand to paint this building, and now they're tagged all over the place."

Lane said if he does get notice of the law, he plans to ask customers buying those supplies for identification.

Another store manager, George Orsino, of Persico True Value in Ravena, said he has heard about the law, but he does not know the logistics of it.

Orsino has seen the severity of the graffiti problem and said he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it stop.

"When I was a kid, I wouldn't dare do that," Orsino said, speaking of tagging a building.

While store owners and legislators work toward the common goal of ending graffiti in the areas in which they live and do business, some tools that vandals use to cause graffiti might be too difficult to regulate " such as Sharpies, or permanent markers and pens with non-erasable ink.

When asked whether the law would prevent minors from walking into office supply stores, such as Staples, and purchasing permanent markers, Zeilman said he does think the new law excludes these types of materials based on a measurement as defined by the term "broad-tipped marker," which requires the tip of the marker to be wider than 1/2-inch.

Still, Zeilman is focusing on the bigger, graffiti-free picture, instead of focusing on definitions.

"People in the community want to have a sense of security," said Zeilman, "I think with graffiti, there's a sense that it's an unsafe area, and we don't want people to have that sense.""

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