Candidates in the 43rd square off

McDonald, 61, is currently an Assemblyman for the 112th District, representing Washington County and parts of Saratoga and Rennselaer counties. He has secured many endorsements, including that of Bruno. He has also raised the most money of all the candidates.

He praised Bruno's impact on the region. "Sen. Bruno made revitalizing the economies of the Capital Region priority No. 1, and we will continue to benefit from his efforts for years to come."

He did not identify any contention with Bruno's work.

"It's tough to disagree with an elected official who has done so much in so many different areas for us locally," said McDonald.

McDonald said he has the experience needed for the job.

"I believe I have a record that is based on results. You don't get elected to be a town and county supervisor and then to the state Assembly without people being happy with the work you've done. When I talk to voters, they talk about issues that I have dealt with firsthand " reducing property taxes, creating jobs, supporting important social programs. I encourage voters to review my record and hope they understand that I will continue fighting for their best interests."

Priorities: Economy, health care, energy, campaign finance reform and the war on terror.

Senate grade: C

Choice for president: John McCain

Religious affiliation: Christian

Campaign workers: 10 volunteers

Is experience needed to run for this office?: Yes

Salary: $79,500

Brian Premo,


"For years, I have been frustrated with the well-known dysfunction of our state Legislature and its failed policies. As we all know, Albany has been broken for decades. Our state's problems did not start yesterday and they were not caused by one political party. So, although I have a successful law practice and the 43rd District seat was then held by the Senate Majority Leader, a few years ago I decided to run for Senate with the pledge that if elected, I would make it my priority to help end the dysfunction in Albany and adopt effective legislation in an effort to solve our serious and complex state problems without increasing taxes. What better way to initiate that agenda than by challenging the icon of Albany's dysfunction?"

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