Albany Academies make a 'smart' move

According to Kermani, the boards cost about $6,944 a piece, or $125,000 total, and that the expensive part of the systems are not the boards themselves, but the software that is needed to use them.

"An upperclassmen science program is more expensive than, say, an underclassmen reading program " not that they are any less important," he said. "That's why you really couldn't say how much a Smartboard costs per classroom."

Giordano said that Smartboards are most useful, and costly, in the more difficult and advanced fields, and since the school received 18 boards and enough funding for the more expensive programs, they decided to put them to use this year for upperclassmen.

The boards arrived at the schools mid-August. Giordano said the schools are looking to have them installed in early September.

But past the installation, Giordano said the Smartboards provide even more to the teachers who operate them.

"Our teacher learning groups are going to have K-12 teachers working together so that's the entire faculty coming together," Giordano said.

Over the course of upcoming weeks in the beginning of the school year, teachers will be forced to gather several times to learn how to use the Smartboards to the full advantage of their classrooms.

But in that time, the Class of 1958 will not stop with the 18 Smartboards already in the school, as Kermani said, "We're not done with pursuing technology."

The group plans to donate even more to the schools that helped build their future, and, according to Kermani, are excited to enhance the education of those who will continue to enter the schools' halls many years after them. ""

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