Pricey pump station needed to carry county water to Ballston

The Town of Ballston's decision to sign on with the Saratoga County Water System will require an estimated investment of nearly $600,000 to even get water to the town, according to a study by the town's engineer, CT Male.

The proposed scope of services report outlines the costs associated with the installation of a booster pump station and a meter/chlorination station behind the Stewart's at the intersection of Eastline Road and Route 67, near the Curtis Industrial Park. The station would enable the delivery of county water to the Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Water District 2.

It is estimated a one-quarter-acre plot of land will need to be acquired for the station. Including nearly $80,000 in engineering fees, the total cost was projected to be $588,400, a cost that could potentially be passed to users in the water district.

Ballston currently has two water contracts on its hands. It has been buying water from Glenville since 1971, and is currently obligated to continue doing so through 2022. When the contract was extended in 2002, a clause allowing the town to withdraw from the contract with 36 months' notice was deleted.

An agreement was made in March of 2007, however, to purchase water from the upcoming Saratoga County Water System, making Ballston the system's largest municipal purchaser with a contract for 375,000 gallons per day. It was a cheaper deal a startup cost of $2.05 per 1,000 gallons as opposed to Glenville's $2.35 but it does leave Ballston with two providers for 10 years past the county system's startup date. Activation of the county system is anticipated within the coming year.

Town of Ballston Councilwoman and member of the Saratoga County Water Authority Mary Beth Hynes said that while the need for a pumping station was anticipated, the projected cost was not.

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