Latham resident wins VIP treatment at Jonas Brothers show

"I head that the lines were like a mile long," she said. "My mom took me, and we went really early to try to get in line."

Place's poster was examined by the judges, and she was told the winner would be announced shortly.

A few moments later, Stephanie noticed all the posters being hung on the fence for the crowd to see. All of the posters except hers.

"I was really nervous because the girl who was right behind me in line, I thought hers was amazing, and they hung up all the posters, but they never hung mine up," Stephanie said. "I was trying to figure out why mine wasn't up there."

Suddenly, it all made sense.

"They called my name, and I was like, 'Mom, what name did they say?'" she said. "All the girls around me were like 'Why aren't you screaming?"

Deborah Place said she was also shocked when her daughter's name was called.

"It was a combination of surprise and thinking that they got it right," she said. "I thought hers was so good, but you never know what they're really looking for. It was kind of funny because everyone in the audience was her competition."

After her name was announced, Place was called to the stage, but she was not the only one. Shortly after, Deborah Place was called to the stage, too.

On stage, contest representatives exchanged the Places' tickets for front-row seats, and invited them to meet the Jonas Brothers before the show began.

After a few photos and a performance mother and daughter will never forget, the two returned home with smiles, satisfaction and appreciation. They also returned home without the poster. According to Place, the Jonas Brothers got to keep it.


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