Libertarian calls petition system unfair to voters

If changes are made to the petitioning process, Guller said, he'd like the amendment to be known as "Sundwall's Law."

But even those who are lobbying for change are not sure if it is likely.

"Around the nation, it is extremely difficult for any kind of real ballot access reform to take place," said Thrasher. "State legislators do not want to have to worry about a challenge from a third party. There's no real reason to keep people off the ballot except to ensure that power remains within the two party system."

In the case of the special election, Sundwall argues that his disqualification disenfranchises voters. With the truncated schedule for the race, some absentee ballots went out with Sundwall's name on it before he dropped out of the race. Any votes returned for Sundwall will be treated as void.

Such an occurrence would be unlikely during a normal election season, but the shortened timetable of the special election pushed finalizing of the ballot forward.

"What's already out there is out there," said Brehm of absentee ballots. "There's no order to re-mail anything."

The Board of Elections did extend the deadline for the acceptance of absentee ballots from military personnel or citizens living overseas, though, acknowledging objections from the Department of Justice. Those persons have until April 13 to get their votes to the appropriate County Board of Elections, a six-day extension.""

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