Teen makes waves for good cause

"I began working on the project around two months ago, but I started getting sponsors and raising money just one month ago," said Goldberg.

He said that the current fundraising total is still uncertain because many of the Arrows swimmers have not yet submitted their personal totals, but that he is still getting more pledges, so he isn't sure of his personal goal, either.

Thus far, though, he has raised at least $2,870 and of that amount, Goldberg has raised over $1,650 himself.

Students preparing for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah may be paired (or "twinned") with one of these rescuers as a way of honoring them.

Goldberg chose to honor Helena Blaszczyk as his twin.

Blaszcyk is in her 80s and lives in Czestochowa, Poland. She and her brother, Stefan, were members of the Polish underground and fought the Nazis however they could. They made a hiding place behind a wall in their home where they hid four Jews.

One day, Blaszcyk and her brother were denounced, arrested and beaten " however, they continued hiding and protecting Jews. The Germans never found them. The underground eventually obtained the release of the Blaszcyks, and they continued to hide the Jews until liberation in 1945.

However, Goldberg won't be able to get into contact with his "twin."

"She's in a very small village in Poland and doesn't speak English, and I don't speak Polish," said Goldberg. "The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous has a very limited number of translators and they're using them very sparingly because they don't have all that much that they can pay them with."

Instead, the translators are being used to get the rescuers back together with the people they rescued.

"Jonah has always had a very strong sense of justice," said his mother, Karen Lipson. "He always stands up for what is right, and he stands up for people who need help."

His father, Alan Goldberg, said he was pleased his son could find a project he believed in.

" I think that part of one of the challenges in finding and doing a project like this is finding something that you really want to work for and that means something to you," said Alan Goldberg.

He said that this project is something that really touched his son. ""

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