Colonie approves new methane-credit contract

"All I can go on is what we've done previously," Hogan said, explaining that, in the past, the Town Board was able to review "pretty much every contract" before it came to a vote.

According to Mahan, town government would not be able to operate smoothly, with objectives being completed in a timely manner, if every contract needed the approval of the Town Board.

"To run a government efficiently, you could never be able to [review] every contact," Mahan said. "That's why you have a legal department."

Democratic Councilman Robert Becker also had reservations about approving the contract before having a good look at it.

"You wouldn't sign a contract without reading it," he said.

Mahan said that the town's legal department had looked over the contract to make sure everything made sense and was in the best interest of the town.

"We're not going to put anything into place that our legal department doesn't agree with," she said.

Mahan also emphasized that every day the resolution is not passed and the contract not activated, the town is losing more money that it could have earned.

The other reason Hogan said he was concerned about the contract was that one town employee working at the landfill would now be under the supervision of IES instead of Stockbridge. Although Hogan said he was concerned about this element of the contract, he said he is confident that the town attorney will work out those details.

Hogan said that overall, he is confident that the resolution does provide a situation that is in the best interest of taxpayers of the town.

"I'm not sure anybody's against the proposal," he said. "It's just that we'd like the head of the landfill to see these terms."

Town Attorney Michael Magguilli promised board members that any questions or concerns they have with the contract would be addressed by him.

"If you have any concerns, I'm not going to ignore them," he said.


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