Mohonasen adopts '09-'10 budget

"There are three administrative positions that are cut," said Leon.

The human resources position, which has been vacant for a year, will not be filled, and other positions have been eliminated through attrition as well, including the central registrar's position and the social studies academic administrator.

"There are a couple of decreases in the middle school," said Leon. "They're going to cut a few positions at Pinewood, but for a lot of those positions those people are going to be reallocated in other ways with some of the additions that are coming in."

The adopted budget includes a proposal for the implementation of a full-day kindergarten program. Funding for the full-day kindergarten program would come partly from federal and state aid, and the new teachers who would be hired would be left out of the general budget. Leon said that because of enrollment decreases in the district, students won't experience huge changes in class sizes.

Due to the fact that the district has not yet adopted the final budget, officials said that it is difficult to show the impact it will have on taxes, but according to the district's Web site, other factors that affect taxes include assessed values of property in the town " an increase in assessments will reduce the tax increase, while a decrease will do just the opposite. Other factors include a change in the equalization rate, which is set by the Office of Real Property Tax Service, and the appropriated fund balance.

"Your tax levy increase is not what your tax increase is going to be," said Swezey. "The tax levy increase is simply the increase of what needs to be collected from last year to this year, and that number can also change if the school decides to give back more money to the appropriated fund balance."

She said that is what happened last year. The appropriated fund base was increased from $200,000 to $300,000.

"The tax levy increase was less than we initially thought," said Swezey.

She said that they won't receive final information about this until May, and when they "close the final books in July," they'll know the type of financial situation they're in.

If the school budget is defeated when it goes to vote Tuesday, May 19, the district has proposed a contingency budget of $42,304,966.

"We're in good shape financially so we're trying to keep it that way," said Leon.


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