Guilderland school budget includes full-day kindergarten

"There's no way under the sun we can afford it," Fraterrigo said.

"I'm flabbergasted at this sort of turnaround," she said. "The tax-payer is crying out,'Give us time,'" she said.

She said waiting another year and seeing how the economy is doing then, is a better plan.

She said the program would get more expensive as it goes, since teachers' salaries will go up.

"We're just turning our backs on the people," she said.

Board member Catherine Barber came out against full-day Kindergarten during the debate.

"Overall I think this budget gives us what we need." She did not support full-day Kindergarten.

"It's not the year for it," she said.

O'Connell also advocated for full-day Kindergarten, and even after an initial 4-4 vote was taken indicating the amendment would not make it in final proposal, she asked for another count.

"I believe we are really missing an opportunity for aid," O'Connell said.

John Dornbush, vice-president of the board, was the swing vote for the full-day Kindergarten issue.

"I can't support full-day KindergartenI don't think we can afford it," Dornbush said initially.

Dornbush later changed his mind, indicating he would support full-day Kindergarten after hearing arguments made by Weisz. He then changed his mind again, indicating the program would be too expensive after hearing arguments from Frateriggo. He ultimately voted in favor of including the program, swinging the tally to 5-3 in favor.

One area Dornbush was sure on was his feelings toward technology.

"I support math, science and technology. That's where the jobs are going to be." Dornbush said Project Lead the Way and sending students to Tech Valley are two initiatives he supports.

Nicole DiGrado, a student at Tech Valley, told the board how much she enjoys her being a student there.

Digrado, one of the two students attending Tech Valley from the Guilderland School District, said she "loves" the experience, and invited each member of the board to visit the school to see its hands-on approach in action.

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