Group argues for reform to Milton ethics code

As for the proposed ethics reform, he said it's really not the committee's concern.

"That's a matter that the town board has to decide on," said Romano. "Whatever laws they enact, if it has anything to do with the Republican Committee, we will observe them."

He confirmed that town employees do sit on the committee, but could not immediately say how many. Responsible Government said 25 percent of the GOP committee is town employees.

In an interview on Tuesday, Supervisor Frank Thompson said that the group's objection might have some merit, though he wondered if it might be an issue better addressed by the Republican Committee itself.

"Whenever you get into anything ethical, there are always problems," he said. "We've got to look into it."

Thompson " who is not part of the Milton Republican Committee " would not speculate as to how the town will react to the petition, as his is one vote of five on the Town Board, but said that the matter could potentially be referred to the personnel committee so as to make a change to the personnel handbook.

He also noted that committee members are elected themselves, and wondered if stymieing one's right to join a political group would become a First Amendment issue.

Traver said he would consider running for a committee seat in the future, but ultimately thinks the changes would open the GOP up to fresh blood.

"Politics in your own party should be about open, fresh ideas," he said. "It's unhealthy to have the same people doing the same thing all the time.""

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