New Yorkers short on leisure

Still, Hart said she gets about three hours per night for leisure even though she is busy all day long.

When Hart does have time, she said she mostly just unwinds by watching television.

Levy said that when asked what activity most satisfies people's leisure time, watching television was one of the most popular answers. Other leisure time activities depended on the gender of the subjects, according to Levy.

"There are some differences between men and women that are kind of notable. The things that women do at a statistically greater rate than men are shopping, engaging in prayer or meditation, speaking on the phone, or playing card games or board games. For men it is video games, physical activities, going to restaurants or bars or just sitting and doing nothing," said Levy.

Further down on the list, Levy said, was spending time with family and even further down was attending public meetings and lectures for leisure.

For Cindy and Dennis Connelly, owners of Connelly's Diamond Gallery, leisure time means golfing and going on vacations.

Dennis said that he probably gets about three hours of leisure time per day during the week. On the weekends, Dennis said, he and his wife work from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays and reserve Sunday for their "family day," which Dennis said he does consider leisure.

"We play golf, or we usually have the kids home," he said.

His children are 24, 22, 21 and 17 years old.

Connelly said the difference in his life if he did not have leisure time would be "absolutely huge."

"You need to get away when you own a business even if it's just for a weekend," Connelly said.

Andrew Kohout, a project manager for Architex in Latham, said he does not think he would be able to perform the job he does if it were not for leisure time.

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