Tower plan draws fire

The Town of Glenville Police Department is in the final phase of installing a new communications system, which includes the construction of a tower in the Church Road area of town.

The structure will be one of a network of four large towers and a small one at the department that will allow officials to update their communications system they have that was originally put in place in the mid-1980s.

The Church Road tower is drawing some criticism about its proximity to a residential area. Church Road resident Ed Capovani said the 180-foot tower would be located only 450 feet away from his home. He said that the tower will look out of place in the neighborhood and will decrease the value of his property. He said he also has concerns for the health of his family, as well as problems the tower may cause with the electronics in his home.

The town said this location was recommended to them by a consultant, however they could have looked at alternative locations, said Capovani.

Police Lt. Richard Conley said he is confident that the police department has chosen the optimal site for the tower, which he said is safe and is being constructed for the purpose of improving public safety and not diminishing it.

He said the tower is nothing more than a small microwave dish that is not even capable of being a cell phone tower, in terms of the strength of its signals.

"All studies indicate that there is no reason to suspect any sort of health problems or disturbances to homes from a tower of this nature," said Conley.

Conley said the current system the department has been using to communicate with police cars is only between 35 and 40 percent adequate. The recommended standard is 96 percent. He said implementing the new system, including updating the four other existing towers, will cost around $1.5 million.

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