Scott Murphy headed to Congress

"We ran the perfect campaign, and it all started with our selection process," said Bulman.

Dems agreed early on not to endorse candidates county-by-county, instead having committee heads interview about 30 hopefuls before making a unified choice. Republicans sought endorsements from committees in the district's 10 counties, which were weighted by population.

"There was not one person who was upset with us selecting Scott Murphy, and that's what made the difference in the beginning," said Bulman. "Everyone did what they said they were going to do, we held it together, and because of that, we won."

Future for Tedisco

Just months ago, Tedisco was riding high as the Assembly minority leader and the favorite for the congressional seat. He gave up his leadership role in early April, however, along with its perks like an expanded staff and office. As a rank-and-file member of the Assembly, he is also required to physically be on the floor to be recognized and to vote.

During the campaign, Tedisco's protracted absences from the capitol during the budgeting process reportedly drew the ire of his caucus, leading many to speculate that his resignation was due to internal pressures more than his need to focus on a transition to congress, as the Assemblyman maintained.

Now, the question is what niche, if any, Tedisco will carve out in the Assembly chamber.

"Historically, when people drop out of the leadership they didn't tend to stay around the legislature very long after that," said Russ Haven, legislative counsel to the New York Public Interest Research Group.

"He's going to pick himself up, as he always has," said Thomas Buchanan, chairman of the Schenectady County Republican Committee, who dismissed the idea that Tedisco's return to the rank-and-file will limit the good he can do for the 110th Assembly District.

"He was very effective before he became minority leader, and he should be just as effective today," said Buchanan. "We hope he hangs in there. We want him to stay our assemblyman."

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