Rotterdam GOP doesn't endorse board incumbent

"At that point, without consulting the committee at all, he [Parisi] said he was dropping me from the GOP ticket," said Mertz.

"He immediately dropped the support of me from the committee even though he was the only one doing it at the time," said Mertz.

O'Connor said he and Mertz will focus heavily on taxes during their campaign..

"We've knocked on hundreds and hundreds of doors in our petition-gathering, and the people answering those doors are saying they can't take it anymore," said O'Connor of the town's tax rate. "We're committed to zero percent tax increases for the next two years."

He said his main reason for running is that he's a resident "fed up" with other politicians who have "stood on my doorstep promising tax relief that never materializes."

Besides taxes, O'Connor said he is interested in proper comprehensive planning in the town.

"One thing I'm waiting to hear from endorsed candidates is what is their message? As a voter I'm not hearing a coherent message of what they intend to do, and I think our message is extremely clear. It's not about trying to reduce taxes or providing tax relief it's about zero percent tax increase," said O'Connor.

Mertz agreed, saying, "There is no bigger issues for the residents of the town of Rotterdam than taxes."

"When you pay them, you should be comfortable that you're getting the services that everyone has come to expect " infrastructure, public safety, etc. " but we're not in the business of running, for example, the ambulance district," said Mertz, who said he supports Rotterdam EMS but not the creation of an ambulance taxing district.

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