Spa City debates leaving emergency dispatch to county

He cited a July 4 incident in which a cell phone call from Saratoga National Golf Course for a possible injury resulted in responders being sent to the Saratoga Golf and Polo Club on the other end of town. Cell phone calls are answered by the county, regardless of where they are made from.

"Is there really saving here when we're doing this kind of dispatching, when we don't have local knowledge?" asked Kim.

Accounts Commissioner John Franck wondered if having dispatchers who once worked in the city at county dispatching would have helped, seeing as the call would have gone to the county level regardless.

The final decision on consolidation will not only lie with the City Council, but with the county Board of Supervisors, who will also be dealing with decreased tax receipts as they budget for 2010.

"This is far from being finalized, but I'm hoping to get out final answers in a fairly short period of time," said Ivins.


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