Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band at World's

Mike Soressi, 16, who is a senior at Voorheesville High School, moved to the Capital District last year from Colorado. He started playing the bagpipes there about four years ago, and when he and his family found out they were moving to the area, his instructor told him about the band.

"I guess I enjoy playing and getting better," said Soressi. "I do get nervous performing sometimes. It's my first time going to Scotland."

Linnea McMath, 17, of Walden, Vt., comes to the area once a month during the school year to practice with the band over the weekend and has been coming more often this summer. She got involved with playing the drums because both her father and sister are bagpipers.

"Our Scottish connection originally is from my grandfather, who encouraged them to start, and then they were both involved, and I wanted to be part of it too, so I started on the tenor drum and then switched over to snare," said McMath.

The band started in 1989 as part of the Scotia Glenville School District and expanded its membership to people outside of the district in 1999 when the group started competing.

"There aren't a lot of bands like this in the U.S. They're very common in Scotland," said Eric MacNeill, who is the drum instructor for the band.

The first time the band competed in Scotland, MacNeill estimates that they probably had three drummers and five pipers. This year the band will compete with 13 pipers, eight side drummers, three tenor drummers and a base drummer.

"They're competing against six bands in the world," said MacNeill.

Four bands are from Scotland and one is from Canada.

"It's very rare to have a group of kids together that are playing at that standard all together," said MacNeill.

The amount of time the group will spend competing will last a total of five minutes.

To learn more about the Scotia Glenville Pipe Band, there will be an open house from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Scotia Glenville Middle School on Wednesday, Sept. 30, in the middle school. For more information, visit www.sgpipeband.com. Check back to future editions of The Spotlight to find out how the Scotia Glenville Pipe Band did in competition


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