Rotterdam Democrats ticket heats up

Bill Cook, head of the Rotterdam Democratic Committee, is confident that all of the candidates running on the Democratic line are strong choices.

We have an excellent slate and I believe that they're probably going to be successful in November. I think that's good for Rotterdam, said Cook.

Appearing on the ballot are Matt Martin, Robert Godlewski and Nicki Di Leva. The Rotterdam Democratic Committee has endorsed all three.

"Bob Godlewski and Nicki Di Leva are both vote getters. Bob was elected to Town Council three years ago and then he vacated and went for the county and got over 6,000 votes," said Cook.

He added that Martin, 24, is "what all the communities are looking for " a young, intelligent man. He's what we've been trying to find for years " young people who are up front, talented and intelligent.

Martin said he was encouraged to try to break into politics when he was following the election in the fall.

"I thought that rather than just sit around and wait for things to happen, I figured that the best thing to do would be to get involved," said Martin.

His main concerns are examining the town's tax base and "getting taxes under control," poviding accountability and transparency and an overall paradigm shift of the town, "rather than keeping things going the same way."

He wants to try to look at things in a different perspective " "to not only look at the inner segment of the age population, but to try and look on the outbound - to look at the 18- to 30-year-olds," said Martin.

Being only 24 himself, he thinks he could relate to the younger population more than anyone else on the ticket.

He said that he would also like to come up with solutions to better promote economic development in the town.

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