Scotia and Rotterdam post offices on the block

"We anticipate that we will have offices perhaps identified for final consideration possibly as soon as the next month or so," said Marion, however their study will not be complete until after their public input period, which they are still arranging.

Nationwide, USPS plans to collect a written survey, and to hold meetings with the public and public officials.

"We know that we'll be looking ahead to something and we'll definitely need some kind of survey or questionnaire because we do believe that we have an awful lot of folks [who want to have their say]," said Marion.

"Numbers don't tell the whole story. We do need community input. We're waiting on the public's communication before we put a strong business case on paper," said Marion.

The study was started with about 3,000 post offices nationwide. In the Capital Region there were about five post offices under study in Albany in addition to the ones in Rotterdam and the other in Scotia.

Marion said that it's hard to say exactly how many post offices are under study because one office may have been looked at for "15 seconds" before USPS realized that they couldn't include it in their consolidation efforts.

"If I had an opportunity I would stress that it's a study. I would stress that it does factor into anther phase of how we're looking at how the postal service does business," said Marion.

"People are becoming aware now that there are changes in technology and changes in the way people use the mail. The changes are revenue " I think people are still surprised when they find out that the USPS has a tremendous amount of government oversight but no tax dollar support," said Marion.

She said there will be changes in the near future.

"It's a very fluid process," said Marion.

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