DEC increases fees for sporting licenses

Another area hunter, Robert Jasinski of Glenmont, had the opposite opinion of how the new license increases will affect the DEC.

"You're going to have people look at the price to hunt or fish and they won't do it anymore; that, or they're just not going to get a license to do it," he said. "It's going to put extra pressure on the ENCON officers."

Jasinski called the increase "just another tax."

"What it comes down to is doubling the fees is just another form for the state to grab as much money as they can," he said. "This is only going to curtail hunting and cause an oversupply of the species, and the state will have to spend money to control them."

Severino described the number of licenses issued by the DEC each year as "stable" and said now was a good opportunity for seniors to take advantage of a lifetime sportsman license before the Sept. 30 cutoff date.

According to DEC reports, New York collected over $41.2 million in gross sales from 1.9 million various licenses in the 2007-2008 season. The state sells around the 2 million licenses each year going back to 2002, according to state records, about half of which are hunting with the other half fishing.

Severino said the money gets doled out as equally as possible across New York.

It's pretty balanced around the state," she said of the conservation fund. "Of course there's more activity in areas like the Adirondacks."

Glassbrenner said he personally sees fewer hunters out in the woods when he goes down to his hunting trailer in the Catskills, but admitted with chuckle that getting a bit older keeps him more grounded.

"I'm not gonna go traipsing up and down these mountains anymore," he said. "Now I've got to just follow the deer around on flat ground."

With $88 for a super sportsman license and $47 for a sportsman license, Glassbrenner said some people may simply opt not to hunt any longer " especially those who hunt for food.

"A deer is just a little bit bigger than a full-grown goat. You can go down to a butcher a get a goat undressed for about $50," he said. "It's crazy what the government's doing to these people."

A full list of the new DEC sporting license prices can be found at www.dec.ny.gov/permits/365.html.


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