Latham woman starts cloth diaper service

Vikki Casey-Ahmed, of Latham, founded Sonrise Diaper Service after realizing the environmental impact diapering her twin boys in disposables was having. She was going through 10 disposable diapers per day per son. After going through more than 600 diapers in a month, and realizing those diapers would be sitting in a landfill and not breaking down for years, Casey-Ahmed decided to transition to cloth diapers.

When you have multiples, you can actually, physically see the number of diapers going to a landfill, she said.

Casey-Ahmed said she tends to be "a little over the top" with her environmental concerns, and she wanted to do everything she could to lessen the damage her diapers were causing.

Many people have misconceptions about the dirtiness of cloth diapers, Casey-Ahmed said.

"The cloth diaper itself, is just a rectangular piece of fabric, some people use them for burp cloths," she said. To avoid using pins or fasteners, a plastic cover is placed on top of the cloth diaper that is also water proof and should prevent leaking. These covers are reusable and come in different prints.

Casey-Ahmed not only uses cloth diapers, she helps other parents use them too.

For a registration fee of $40, Casey-Ahmed will come to a client's house and give a tutorial on how to put on and take off a cloth diaper with its cover. She will also make sure the baby has the correct size cloth diaper, and she offers her support in case there are any problems getting into the swing of using cloth diapers.

For $25 per week, she will deliver 100 fresh, clean cloth diapers per week and take the dirty diapers away.

She brings the dirty diapers to a commercial laundry facility, where she washes them and prepares them for a new week.

Her customers are in charge of supplying their own covers, though Sonrise Diaper Service does have two kinds of covers to purchase.

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