New party on the line

"We're not making five, six, seven, 10 different promises to the people. We're making one clear promise, and it should be reflective of how we're going to approach everything else," said Mertz. "The one thing they can hold us accountable for is the tax rate that we're going to hold on the line for the next two years."

He said that the first thing the No New Tax candidates are going to do is look at the current budget.

He criticized current Rotterdam Supervisor Steve Tommasone for having enough "fat" in this year's town budget to "find" $100,000 to fund the Rotterdam EMS.

"The town needs to back off with the taxes; give [residents] a little relief to get through this recession," said Mertz.

McGarry said that the major political party bosses "do not want competition in the realm of political thought."

"What we're doing today is really the true form of competition when it comes to political thought and expression and the people's ability to vote for the ideals they believe in," said McGarry. "I don't think either party is enjoying the fact that we have a third wheel here."

Littlefield said that what all four members of the new party have in common is that they are fiscal conservatives with "a common objective."

"That's to bring something to all and some constraint to the spending that is causing our residents and businesses to leave the town and county and state," said Littlefield.

He said that all four members went door-to-door collecting signatures for the petition and heard the "same thing" from everyone, from business owners to senior citizens.

"The taxes and regulation are causing them hardship. We hear from the old people on fixed incomes telling us they can't afford to be paying higher taxes," said Littlefield. "There's only so far that their money goes, and meanwhile you have an arrogant establishment of these entrenched incumbents who are out of touch with their constituents," said Littlefield, who said that they also "don't appear to know how this economy is impacting the people in our communities."

In a release sent out by No New Tax Party members, they said that "to date, the No New Tax Party has attracted considerable support. The Upstate Conservative Coalition, the Primary Challenge organization, and the New York Tea Party Patriots have offered financial contributions and volunteers."

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