The great Glenville truck debate

Glenville's highway department superintendent and a town board member are debating how FEMA money the town received following the ice storm of December 2008 should be spent.

Following the storm, which damaged thousands of homes and brought down power lines and tree limbs, FEMA awarded $500,000 to the town.

The superintendent of highways, Richard LeClare, said he wants to use about $250,000 of that to buy a new truck for plowing snow in the hills of Glenville because he doesn't believe that the ones the town has now will make it through another winter.

Town council member Chris Koetzle said he agrees the town needs new equipment, but there might be better ways of funding those purchases and also better ways to spend the FEMA money.

I think first of all, the Town Board in particular has not done all of its work in assessing all that we can use this money for, said Koetzle. "What is the priority list? Nobody can point to the list and say, 'Here are the things we need to invest in over the next couple of years,'" said Koetzle.

Koetzle said that before the FEMA funds came in, LeClare had never said the town was in dire need of new trucks, and the request came as a surprise to some board members.

"Two minutes before a board meeting, [Glenville Town Councilman] Ed Rosenberg introduced a resolution. We were told that we needed these three trucks; that they were critical," said Koetzle.

He said that since the resolution was added only moments before the meeting, the resolution wasn't voted on, but now, two months later, there is another resolution on the table to purchase the three trucks.

"I think we need new trucks. We just bought him a new truck in 2008," said Koetzle.

He said that at the time of the new truck purchase, Koetzle told LeClare that he wanted a purchasing schedule so that they could get on a purchasing plan to buy new trucks every three years.

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