New lines formed in Guilderland, New Scotland

Matt Nelligan, A hopeful for Town Board, said he has created a new party line, Tax Payer's First, and is said it was created on Tuesday, Aug. 18, the last day to file such petitions.

He said while it is not technically a new party, there's definitely a set of party principals behind it.

Nelligan said the party is focused on bringing the property tax rate down and putting the pieces in place to drive business into town.

"We need to promote business in town better," he said.

Roz Robinson and Tim Stanton, hopefuls for New Scotland Town Board seats, and Mike Fields, a candidate for supervisor, formed the New Scotland First Party, on Aug. 13.

Robinson said the trio is creating a new line, rather than a new party. The difference being that the line disappears at the end of the election unlike a party, which is permanent.

Robinson and Stanton will participate in a primary against Doug LaGrange and Chuck Voss, and the line allows them to be on the ballot if the lose in the Republican primary.

"Win or lose, we'd like to have another line," Robinson said.

Robinson said the line will allow her and Stanton to stay on the ballot even if they lose the Republican primary, but the main reason for creating the party Robinson pointed out is to give voters a "third" choice.

Fields will remain on the ballot regardless, and has been endorsed by the Republican party.

"It gives voters a breadth of fresh air, to give people a choice," she said.

Matthew Clyne, the Albany County Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner confirmed that Robinson, Stanton and Fields filed for an Independent Nominating Petition on Thursday, Aug. 13.

John Graziano, the Albany County Board of Elections Republican Commissioner said 703 signatures were required to create the new line.

"We would, on the face of it, accept it unless there's a challenge," he said of Nelligan's party. "We'll see if it holds up."

There are three days for challenges to be made on the lines petitions.


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