FEMA dollars debate rages on

"They're looking to buy a truck or two and that would be what they would using the money for. Chris is proposing to do some developing which is [better in the long run]," he said.

Alan Boulant, who is the head of the Glenville Business and Professional Association who is also running for a seat on Town Council on the republican line for the first time, is also in support of REDI.

"The interesting part is that before the ice storm hit and the FEMA money was available there was never a conversation about new trucks, and it's ironic that all of a sudden this money comes in and we want to spend it on vehicles," said Boulant.

He said that he isn't saying that the town doesn't need new trucks " but he thinks that the town does need a new plan for the FEMA money.

"What can we do with this money to be more smart?" asked Boulant. "The K-mart property is an eye sore, and that's a piece of property that needs to be rejuvenated. I just feel that there's more use with that money than going out and buying vehicles."

He said in business one of the things you have to do is have a three and five year plan " "something that guides you along."

"[The town] doesn't know what they're going to do next. Everything is reactionary," said Boulant. "My thought is, why spend all that money? Why not put it in the fund that can be used for economic development to make money?"

Not everyone is on board with REDI.

"The money from FEMA that we got is in the fund balance. It is perfectly safe and locked up," said Town Supervisor Frank Quinn.

"Now we have the competing interest for trucks, paving roads, doing this REDI thing, and in addition we have a town budget," said Quinn.

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