FEMA dollars debate rages on

He said that the town has to buy police cars, they have health care increases coming up for town employees, bonds from projects and purchases that were financed in 2009 that come due in 2010.

"The state retirement fund took a big hit and they're coming for more money from the state retirees " it's crazier than hell. The money is burning a hole in their pocket," said Quinn.

"As far as I'm concerned, no way in hell should we spend any money until we're aware of what tax payers will need to spend next year," said Quinn.

He said that last year $1 million surplus was put in the fund balance to keep taxes down.

"There's $400,000 and they want to spend it " they won't have it for the fund balance," said Quinn.

He said that he is also puzzled by REDI because it is in direct competition with the Schenectady Metroplex, who is already working on development in the town. Metroplex also is funded by taxpayers.

"That doesn't make any sense. It's the taxpayers' money either way and why would they want to pay twice when the Metroplex is the professional staff that does this county-wide, all year long?" said Quinn.

"No way in hell would I want to pay twice for the funding," said Quinn.

He said that he is trying to put the first draft of the town's 2010 budget together and is already looking at "staggering numbers."

Quinn said the FEMA money is needed for next year to keep taxes down. "As far as I'm concerned anyone can put a resolution up. That's fine and dandy. There's obviously competition for money, but do we spend it for trucks and pavement? REDI funds? Are we going to screw over the tax payers?" said Quinn.

"Let's wait until we have the budget settled in November and see if we should put the funds in REDI, trucks or pavement. Let's solve it first," said Quinn.


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