Two vie for spot as Glenville boss

As election season switches into high gear, Democrat Frank Quinn is seeking a second term as Glenville town supervisor with Republican Chris Koetzle, a current town board member, challenging him for the seat.

Obviously being on the board and being quite close to a lot of the budget issues that are going on in the town, it became clear to me that the town supervisor is an important position, said Koetzle.

Quinn, who will be running for his second term on the Democratic and Working Families lines this year, agreed that the town finances are a top priority.

"The No. 1 issue in the Town of Glenville is taxes. Whether you're talking town taxes, school taxes, county taxes " one issue is taxes and control of spending because revenues are flat," said Quinn.

Koetzle said he would like to play a larger part in shaping the town's budget and also wants to "hold the line" on taxes while preserving the town's services to residents.

"I think the trend we've seen in the past four years is tax increases and service decreases. I want to reverse that trend, and as supervisor, I think that gives me the best opportunity to effect that change," said Koetzle.

He said that in an effort to make that happen, spending across the board has to be examined.

"We have to look at Town Hall in particular, and we have to look at new ways of doing business in Town Hall. We can't do the things we've always done," said Koetzle. "Secondly, very close to that is that we have to engage our residents more."

He said he wants residents to be more involved in the budget process and wants what happens in Town Hall to be "more accessible" for residents. Koetzle has suggested extending Town Hall hours or establishing "non-traditional hours."

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