GlobalFoundries inspections to expand beyond Malta Building Department

"We need to understand more about what the building contains before we know what inspection services will be needed," Tozzi said. The town can start working out the details with consultants now that it's clear an expansion of the contract will be approved.

The Building Department also requested that an additional consulting group be contracted to guide the specialized inspections on-site.

The original contract with Chazen and Evergreen was for $900,000, the cost of which will be absorbed by GlobalFoundries under state law and legislation passed by the town. Though it's unclear how much more will be needed for the additional inspection services, the builder will continue to shoulder the burden.

That would be true of inspection costs for new equipment once the plant is operational, as well, Tozzi said. He likened it to replacing a hot water heater in one's home, which requires a building inspection from the town to be paid for by the homeowner.

When embarking on the approval process, town officials had looked to IBM facilities in nearby East Fishkill as a model, but it quickly became apparent that the GlobalFoundries project at the Luther Forest Technology Campus is a different beast.

"We started to understand there's a difference between building in East Fishkill and building in Malta," Tozzi said.

In Fishkill, the town had a longstanding relationship with the builder and many of the structures were built decades ago.

Consultants on a conference call at the workshop said that establishing a relationship with GlobalFoundries now would make future tasks easier.

Jeff Jurrens, the retired fire marshal of Hillsboro, Ore., said that his city used five building inspectors during one of many fab constructions in the town, and over 12 years that plant completely replaced its equipment four times.

"Building the building is just the first step," he said, adding that establishing a relationship with the operator is essential to success.

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