Spa City police and fire chiefs announce retirement

Saratoga Springs Chief of Police Edward Moore and Fire Chief Robert Cogan announced that they will retire by the end of this year, in a special 4 p.m. press conference at Saratoga Springs City Hall on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

The announcement comes in light of recent controversy surrounding the 2010 Spa City budget that could potentially result in the layoff of seven police and seven fire personnel. Both Moore, who served as chief of police for six-and-a-half years, and Cogan, who served as fire chief for 14 years, said they hoped their retirement would be able to save at least one of those jobs.

My 35 good years with this department have allowed me to raise a family and have a full career. I cannot in good conscience remain on the job while young officers who are just starting their families and careers face layoffs, especially in the current economy, said Moore, fighting back tears. "The series of promotions that my retirement will initiate will move at least one of these officers off the chopping block."

Moore said the second reason for his retirement is that he believes the next police department administration should have the opportunity to "chart its own course in to the future by making the key operational changes that will be needed in light of projected police personnel cuts."

Cogan said that he has been contemplating retirement for some time now and that while many reasons are personal, his ability to potentially save a job are now at the forefront of his decision.

"It was just time," said Cogan. "It is my sincere hope and intention that my action does in fact save a job at the lowest levels of the fire department. I too am blessed and feel privileged to have served"and the members of the fire department"each and every one of them mean something to me."

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