Spa City police and fire chiefs announce retirement

Both chiefs took the opportunity to further comment on the potential decision to cut members of the police and fire departments, saying it's not efficient and it's not right. They also expressed concern over the overall climate of the city.

"This city is my home and my family's home and I am deeply concerned about its future with respect to its public safety, fiscal and government well-being," said Moore. "Our future depends upon the willingness of our leaders to discuss the issues openly and honestly, their ability to cooperate in the face of challenges and their inclusion of the city's professional department heads in the decision making process."

Cogan said that he believes saving jobs lies within the authority of the Commissioner of Public Safety Ron Kim and that he doesn't think the mayor is a factor or should be.

"I don't speak just on my behalf but on the city's behalf in thanking these men for their service," said Kim. "They're my friends, we came to know each other and they always put the city first. There are a lot of things about being a member of City Council that aren't great but you're looking at two great things about being commissioner of public safety."

Kim said the two positions would be filled from within the departments through the standard process; essentially people would move up the ladder and one position at the bottom that would have been lost could be saved. He emphasized the fact that the police and fire departments both need chiefs, so that is not where money will be saved.

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