Requests to amend 2010 Spa City budget shot down

Saratoga Springs' 2010 comprehensive budget became law at midnight on Monday, Nov. 30, but Commissioner of Public Works Anthony Scirocco and Commissioner of Public Safety Ron Kim both put forth motions to adopt amendments to departmental budgets at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Scirocco urged the Council to consider his request to transfer funds from various lines without altering the bottom line expenditure but did not provide specific numbers or examples. He made a motion to vote on all adjustments being submitted to the finance department by the close of business Monday, Dec. 7.

Although the Oct.6 budget is not perfect, I believe I can live within those means with a few minor modifications because some of the lines are not funded appropriately. I believe changes need to be made now and not after Jan1. If changes are made after Jan.1 it would not be seamless. Employees would already be laid off and services lost. Changes need to be made now so residents aren't impacted, said Scirocco. "This would allow commissioners to run their department the way we were elected to do in a cost effective way."

Commissioner of Accounts John Franck said he would not support Scirocco's motion and expressed confusion over why Scirocco was moving to amend the budget he voted for at the Monday, Nov. 23 meeting.

"You voted for the comprehensive budget now you're trying to amend something you voted for. We had plenty of time to make amendments and if you had come up with these amendments before, maybe you would have had votes, but you never did that and the time has come and gone," said Franck. "Yes, you were elected to run your office but we all have deadlines and that deadline has passed. It was Oct.6 when the comprehensive budget came out"we're talking about 56 days to figure this out."

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