GE working on new hologram technology

But that's not all the new technology can do, according to a press release from GE, since the holographic material that has been developed by the two companies is also injection-molded , it can be shaped for use in other products such as laptops and cell phones to verify that the product you are getting is genuine.

"The market opportunities for GE-SABIC Innovative Plastic's holographic technology are numerous," said Vice President of Technology at SABIC Innovative Plastics Tom Stanley in a press release. "Because these special holographic materials can be injection-molded, the potential application of this technology could be expanded well beyond cards. You could use our technology to verify the authenticity of a variety of products, ranging from laptop computers, cell phones and other electronic devices to sunglasses and other consumer goods."

"We can store 3-D images of a person's face, record their fingerprints and even create unique animations within our holographic plastic materials," said Dr. Sinha in the release. "We can also control the visibility of what a person can see on the card. This will enable varying levels of security features that are needed for different applications."

GE scientists have been working on the new holographic technology for over six years and one of the best achievements in the program was the ability to process holographic materials inside plastics. Both GE and SABIC are exploring potential market opportunities for its holographic materials with card manufacturers according to the press release. Technology and application development teams at both companies are looking at a target date of 2012 for commercialization of this new holographic technology.


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