Saratoga potato chips are 'yum-o'

"We expected it to hit hard and taper off, but it's still going, which is kind of cool. The show is no longer on air but somehow people are still getting to us," said Jameson. "This was absolutely unbelievable; what a great opportunity. She's [Rachael Ray] kind of the end all be all, at least for her fans."

Jameson went to the show's taping back in October as a representative of the product. While he didn't get to actually meet Rachael Ray, he said his company had to send 150 samples to the show and that after a breakdown, it turned out that some were for the studio audience, others were for the production crew and several were requested as personal samples for Ray herself.

A representative from the Rachael Ray Show said that product testers loved the taste of the chips and thought the box was "really pretty." As long as a product can be sold online and linked to the show's Web site, anybody can try their luck at becoming the "Snack of the Day."

Jameson said that potato chips were originally a dine-in item back in the 1800's but became so popular that the Moon Lakehouse, where they were created, made a special takeout box for customers. He said he worked with Saratoga Springs History Museum to recreate the exact box and recipe originally used. Since launching in July, Jameson said the company's focus has been to establish a solid customer base locally, while raising awareness about the product nationally.

"We had to prove not only to ourselves, but prove to the model that we could make a product, present it and sell it locally first. Once we found out how popular it was, we started getting feedback from people. We launched at the height of tourist season, so what we actually did was kind of viral. We ended up getting on the market in Saratoga Springs but also got national exposure because so many people from all over the world come here for racing season," said Jameson.

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