Rolling out the dough

Students from Loudonville Elementary School were knighted as young bakers during a special assembly on Friday, Dec. 11.

Representatives from the King Arthur Flour company helped the students make two loaves of bread one to donate to the Capital City Rescue Mission and one to keep as part of an educational program sponsored by the company.

Sarah Wing, school counselor, said the program is part of a larger initiative directed to make the world a little better."

During an assembly, a representative from King Arthur Flour showed the students how to bake the loaf of bread, sending them home with the skills and the ingredients to do it themselves.

"It gives them some family time as well," Wing said of the home-baking assignment.

Paula Grey, senior instructor at King Arthur Flour, headed up the demonstration.

Formerly an elementary school teacher, Grey said she has "the best teaching job in the world," helping students learn how to bake.

"I love to watch them get excited about it," she said.

On Friday, Grey taught the students more than just baking, though, as she highlighted the math, science and altruism of what the students were doing for their project.

"They're learning the value and the joy of giving something back to the community," Grey said. "Food pantries are delighted to have 138 loaves of freshly baked homemade bread to offer the people they serve. That's a wonderful thing to do."

Students were regularly quizzed during the presentation

about the math used in the recipes, the chemical makeup of some ingredients and the properties of heat.

Students were asked to help at different times and also helped explain certain parts of the baking process. One student addressed what temperture the water must be before it is mixed with the other ingredients.

"You have to stick your hand in the water to make sure it's not too cold and not to hot," said Noah Fowler, who helped Grey with the demonstration.

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