The fur flies

Volunteers struggle through snow, schedules and broken landing gear to get stray dog from West Virginia to home in Colonie

There's no place like home for the holidays, but for a little white pup named Molly, found starved and wandering the streets of West Virginia, getting to her new home in Colonie was a near-impossible task.

Despite snow, plane malfunction and a number of other barriers, a handful of volunteers were able to get Molly to her new owner, Carol Milanese of Colonie, just before Christmas came.

Molly, a 10-month-old pup, was the apple of Milanese's eye for over a month before eventually being delivered on Christmas Eve.

I picked her off a Web site when I saw that cute little face, Milanese said.

The former stray was rescued in Parsons, West Virginia, nearly 600 miles from Colonie, but Milanese said she wanted to adopt the pup anyway. She said she has been trying for a month to find a traveling partner to go pick up the dog, but due to a number of circumstances, was unable to make the near 9-hour drive.

Milanese said since the dog was found astray, there is no information about its breed, but it appears to be mostly a Dalmatian with some pit bull. She had been in the shelter since August.

She said she did not want to go to pick it up alone because she did not know the dog's demeanor, and it's a long trip to make alone.

"I only knew she was as cute as could be," Milanese said.

Originally, there were a number of plans to meet volunteers who would transport the dog to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, but the plans fell through.

"All kinds of obstacles were thrown in the way," she said.

A new plan was formed after Curtis and Kate Berry agreed to fly the dog to New York on Wednesday, Dec. 23 on Curtis' private jet. Milanese thought she would finally be able to get her hands on Molly.

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