Casey cares about Roessleville students

Meyer said Casey celebrated her first birthday and first day of school on the same day two years ago.

"She did very well," she said.

Casey is not kept on a leash in the classroom and is able to waltz around as she pleases. Most of the time, the students do not even pay attention to her as she grabs hold of her bone and trots over to the carpet, planting her paws perfectly on the edge while the students practice their writing.

When it is reading time, Casey follows her classmates across the room, where they pick up a book and sit on the floor with her, her paw on their laps as they read and show pictures to her.

According to Moore, Casey even helps calm students with behavioral issues.

The four students on "pup patrol" every week are responsible for giving Casey treats, changing her water and petting her on the head. In the cold-weather season, the pup patrol goes out with Meyer to walk Casey, but when the weather is warmer, the whole class goes to take Casey for a walk.

As of last week, the whole school is now able to get to know Casey, as she will become a pen pal with whoever wishes to write to her.

"Students can write to Casey if they are having trouble with a bully or about anything, and she writes back with her humorous advice," said Meyer.

In one letter, a student wrote to Casey about a brother who was a bully. Casey wrote back, suggesting the student talk to the brother and ask him nicely to stop, and included that she thought the student was "grrrrrrrrrrreat."

Another student asked Casey what it is like to be a dog. Casey explained as best she could.

A mailbox with Casey's photo on it is set outside the main office to collect letters for Casey. According to Meyer, Casey will write back and have her responses delivered to the teachers of the students every morning.

But no matter what advice Casey gives to each individual child, her signature is pretty much the same in the end: sloppy kisses.


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