Elsmere won't hire librarian

"This is just the tip of the iceberg if we don't get any funding from the federal government or the state," Tebbano said, referring to Sen. Charles Schumer's proposed school "bailout" package that would come from the federal government.

The superintendent said he has received a number of e-mails on the matter and has responded to all of them.

Another concerned parent, Dan Rain, said he would like to remind board members of last year's redistricting process.

"We were assured that this very situation would not happen," Rain said at the meeting and then said it seemed like the "smaller schools" were receiving fewer resources than the larger schools.

"This is not a small school issue," Tebbano responded.

Earlier in the meeting he said, "If this is causing a furor, just wait I know this community will not settle for a high tax rate."

Tebbano elaborated on the matter the next day.

"I can understand the suspicions of some of the parents of the smaller schools," he said. "The big picture here is that Elsmere is still going to have a library program. Nothing is changed, we are not denying Elsmere any service."

Tebbano said the same thing would have happened if any other librarian retired from any other school.

Board of Education President James Lytle called the current economic crisis "the real deal," and echoed Tebbano's sentiments on the situation.

"I hope the parents and children of Elsmere give this a fair chance," he said of the librarian situation. "I'm afraid, like what Mike said, this could be the first taste of what's to come."

Board member Lisa Allendorph asked the parents at the meeting who helped at the library if they would be willing to take on a "more leadership role" as a result of not have a permanent librarian at the school.

Jaffe said parents are no substitutes for a full-time librarian and that parents are always doing everything they can.

"The parents here live in a working community," she told board members. "We don't have those options.""

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