Boy reports being pursued by stranger in Rotterdam

Within a span of two months, two children in Rotterdam have reported being harassed by strangers on the same street after getting off of their school buses on their way home after school. In both incidents, the children made it home safely.

In the most recent incident, Rotterdam police Lt. Michael Brown said an 11-year-old boy told officers he was heading home Thursday, Jan. 24, on Rocco Drive after getting off the bus at his regular stop when he said he noticed something was not right.

He was walking home and observed two vehicles [that] he thought looked suspicious, said Brown. "As he passed the vehicle, he began to run home."

The boy told police that he turned around while he was running and noticed one of the passengers in the vehicle running toward him. When he reached the front door of his home, the suspect reportedly turned around and got back in his vehicle, which was described as a gray four-door vehicle " perhaps a Subaru. The vehicle was occupied by another man, also described to be in his 20s.

"They never said anything to him, but we would like to talk to them to find out what the story was," said Brown

In December, an 11-year-old girl reported being approached by a stranger on the same street.

"It took place on Rocco Street and Alheim Drive," said Brown. "She said that while she was walking home, a male came up to her and grabbed her arm."

According to Brown, the girl said she escaped by kicking her attacker, who subsequently fell to the ground, allowing her to run home.

Authorities said that the two incidents cannot be connected at this time, and they are still investigating and interviewing witnesses and residents in the neighborhood.

Officers said they are taking measures to increase awareness of the situation in the area.

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