Canine communication

"Is what this person is doing something I can replicate at home?" she asked.

She said most dogs that act rambunctious are confused about the expectations of their owners. She said humans give dogs many mixed signals about how they should act.

"It's a communication issue," she said. "Every dog is a product of its owner."

Marciano said if dogs knew that their owners expected them to be calm, they would, as dogs are innately obedient.

"One of the things that I find with dogs is that they do want to please," she said.

Ironically, she said, most humans are trying to please their dogs, and end up sending the wrong message about what behaviors are expected.

Most people, she said, would love the opportunity to relax, and if they were expected to, and if they were told to, would do so.

"I'm not looking to run a marathon every day. If someone tells me to sit down and read a book, I'm in."

Susan Green, president of Guilderhaven, an animal welfare organization, said Marciano has been a great help to the group.

"We have taken advantage of her expertise over the past seven or eight years," Green said.

She said Marciano has provided advice and fostered animals for Guilderhaven.

"I appreciate her more than she will ever know," Green said.

Guilerhaven works to raise money to help the elderly afford veterinarian bills and buy food and litter. It also helps find homes for animals, as well as several other services related to animal care.

Green said Marciano has helped trains dogs that were so troubled they were rejected by a number of local agencies, and she was able to turn them into "model citizens." Many have found homes with loving families.

"She's been really, really helpful," added Guilderhaven board member Georgia Fishburn. "She has a big heart." ""

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