20th Congressional district race heats up

But unlike Murphy, Sundwall is quick to criticize the recovery package.

"We're against this stimulus plan, and we're actually offering specifics on how we would accomplish some of this," he said.

Those ideas include eliminating the 18-cent federal gas tax and making spending and tax cuts. He also prescribes to the four-point Ralph Nader/Ron Paul third-party plan that involves a quick removal of soldiers from Iraq and a capping of the national debt.

The size of war chests for this race is as yet unknown " the Federal Election Commission should set deadlines for financial disclosures once Paterson officially declares the election (suspected to be Monday, Feb. 23). Tedisco has spent some of his money on the race's first television ad, though, that touts the statesman's efforts to offer property tax relief, create jobs and reform education. It makes no mention of Murphy.

The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee certainly is, though. It's made accusations that Murphy hasn't paid taxes, has supported businesses that did the same and that Murphy failed to vote in the eight elections in the early 2000s, when he lived in New York City.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has fired off allegations that Tedisco has cost taxpayers $21,000 in travel expenses for his commute.

When asked, representatives from both campaigns said the accusations against their candidates were Washington-style posturing, and that what voters really want is a plan for economic recovery.

According to Paterson, voters of the 20th will go to the polls on March 31, not long after village elections on March 18. Combining the two would not only have offered not cost benefit, but would likely have meant voters would have had to vote in two locations for the two elections.

"Because the village lines run differently from town and city election districts, it would be very confusing," said Saratoga County Board of Elections Commissioner William Fruci. "I'm glad the dates are different."


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