Rotterdam EMS details future plans

Rotterdam EMS is making repairs and updating its system as it prepares to re-enter a contract with the Town of Rotterdam.

There's a lot of paperwork that's going on in the background, said Joe Vanderworker, president of the board of directors for Rotterdam EMS. "All they want is an ambulance to appear on their door step, and I'm just trying to get through all the paperwork to make sure that happens."

Rotterdam EMS is updating the computer system to make things more efficient, and working on the final contract that will be signed by the organization and the Town of Rotterdam.

Terry Hannigan, lawyer for Rotterdam EMS, said he is "thrilled" that Rotterdam EMS will continue serving the town, which selected REMS as the primary emergency provider at the Thursday, Feb. 5, Town Board meeting.

"From my standpoint, I'm very excited that this day is upon us " that the town is now going to invest capital into the ambulance service," said Hannigan.

"It's been a long time coming " it can only mean stability and growth and the continuation of the service that they've provided over the last 60 years," said Hannigan.

REMS had been experiencing some financial problems because, for several months, Medicare reimbursement checks were not coming in. Vanderworker said the reason for that was a "snafu in paperwork and numbers and whatnot," but REMS' biller has managed to "straighten everything out."

"We went from November until a few weeks ago with a couple of Medicare checks, and they were building up and building up, and we just received a check close to five figures," said Vanderworker. "We paid off a bunch of bills, and we still have money in our account to make payroll."

With the influx of much-needed funds, REMS was able to put another ambulance on call on Friday nights. Vanderworker said he hopes that it is just the beginning.

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