Game over: Gov's 'itax' would increase price of videogame downloads

The governor's office was unavailable for comment. However, many members of the gaming community, ranging in age and gaming interest, were vocal about their opposition to the governor's proposal.

"If the tax was on just things like add-ons, I would probably pay it," said 14-year-old Joey Cunneen, of Delmar, who was browsing the videogame section at BestBuy in Crossgates Mall. "But I still wouldn't understand why the tax is being employed in the first place."

Cunneen's preferred game system is the Xbox 360, and he said he typically downloads a game or add-on to his system about once a month, at a cost of $5 to $15.

Although the governor has not specified how much the tax would be, "I would pay $1 or $2 more," for downloads, Cunneen said.

His friend David Knauer, 15, of Glenmont, said even that amount is unjustifiable.

"I think even $1 would be kind of a lot," he said.

Cunneen and Knauer consider themselves gamers. Knauer is most interested in RPGs, or role-playing games.

Both said they have been playing video games for years, but how will the governor's proposed tax affect someone new to the gaming world?

Thirty-year-old Maurice Christopher said he does not really consider himself a gamer but he does have a PlayStation 3 at home that he and his wife use. About once every three months Christopher said he downloads content on his PS3.

"The tax would probably decrease the amount I download," said Christopher. "Especially if it costs more for it."

Others had an even more passionate response to the proposal.

"I wouldn't buy anything online anymore," said Clement Fabre, 19, of Schenectady. Fabre also uses a PS3 and said he downloads content monthly.

"Why did he do this?" Fabre asked of the governor's proposal, adding that the cost of the tax would not determine his purchasing, but the fact that there is a tax on the content would be enough to deter him.

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