Event slated for teen battling cancer

Now taking chemotherapy, Angermeier's immune system is wiped out and he has to remain isolated from as many people as possible for fear he could become sick. Higgins said this aspect could be especially hard on a young person with an active lifestyle.

"I think it's hard for James mostly because he's not allowed around other people he normally would be because his immune system is really down," he said. "When people go to see him they're only allowed one at a time and you can't be sick or anything."

As a junior firefighter, Higgins said Angermeier is looking to become a full-fledged member once he turns 18. There are certain restrictions for junior members, such as not being allowed on certain calls or to be put in certain situations or training. The Elsmere Fire Department held a spaghetti dinner last week, which brought in $7,000, and both the Selkirk and Elsmere departments held a breakfast for firefighter families that netted $1,400.

Now opening up the cause to everyone on Community Kindness Day, Higgins said they hope to have at least $15,000 to give to the Angermeiers. He added more events could be held later in the summer if the need should still exist.

Selkirk Fire Department No. 2 Chief Bill Asprion said he has visited Angermeier on several occasions, and the family is holding up as best they can.

"There's highs and lows," Asprion said. "He just went through a another whole series [of treatments] so I'm not sure if he'll be there on Saturday."

Asprion and Higgins set up a special account at Pioneer Bank in Glenmont for those who cannot attend the event or want to donate more money. Donations can be made to: Benefit of James Angermeier, Pioneer Bank, 329 Glenmont Road, Glenmont 12077, or call 463-1400.

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