Deposition: Current police chief didn't act on harassment claim

Runion added that much of the information regarding Murley's gambling did not come up until after investigations into sexual harassment claims began.

Grimm cited the court deposition of Dygert, as a disturbing document, bringing into question how current police chief Carol Lawlor and Capt. Curtis Cox handled claims from Dygert.

"This is a sworn statement under the threat of perjury," Grimm said. " I think she's the voice of millions of women in that position."

Lawlor said the investigation was already thoroughly handled by state police and the matter has been closed.

"I am confident that the State Police handled the investigation adequately and I am not going to reopen this," Lawlor said.

She said she was speaking on behalf of the Guilderland Police Department.

Cox said he became aware of Dygert's complaints only after the investigation began, and said Dygert did not approach him about the issue beforehand.

"Not to my knowledge. I don't believe she came to me," Cox said.

He also said he is available for any hearing the town might have.

"I'm available for anybody at any time," Cox said.

He added that the state police handled the investigation thoroughly.

Dygert claimed Murley had made advances inviting her to vacation in Martha's Vineyard with him, made inappropriate gestures and comments to her about her appearance and once began to massage her neck while at work.

Dygert claimed she was afraid to confront him for fear of retribution toward her or her husband.

She also wrote in the deposition that Murley often spoke about gambling at the Turning Stone Casino in the Oneida Nation and one time even asked to borrow money from Lawlor. She claims he took extended weekends often not showing up for work for days at a time.

Gimm also said he wants to find out how the restitution amount was derived and why the investigation only covered up to 2004, as Murley resigned as chief in 2007.


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