Mohonasen asks for budget input

"Quite frankly we don't have a lot of answers right now. [Discussion at the Monday meeting] was very generic, talking about what we know so far with the governor's proposals," said Spring.

The presentation did include what the district does know about the budget: New York state is particularly affected by the financial crisis because a large part of its revenue comes from Wall Street, and nearly 45 percent of Mohonasen's budget is made up of State aid.

"I think right now we're hearing that there is the potential of some Federal relief targeted at schools through the stimulus package that's being proposed, so it's kind of a wait and see game, but we feel that we have to be proactive and look at the worst-case scenario," said Spring.

She said that the governor suggested districts deplete their emergency funds, but she doesn't think that is a sound plan.

"That doesn't make good fiscal sense because it's the only reserve that we have. If there is a catastrophic emergency, we wouldn't have money in such an event," said Spring.

The next budget planning meeting of the Mohonasen Board of Education will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 20, in the high school library. It is entitled, "Budgeting 101: An Introduction to Budget Terminology, Budget Lines and Components of Budget."

"Our hope is that we can have as many people [participate] as possible to really get those questions answered, but I think we have really good staff in Dr. Spring and in [Assistant Superintendent for Business] Denise Swezey," said French. "They're very precise with their details and that is really comforting knowing that they have a good handle on those numbers."

On Monday, Jan. 26, there will be another budget meeting to discuss updates on the budget and continue planning for next year.


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