Scotia-Glenville School District eyes EXCEL expenses

Exit surveys were distributed to voters the night of the Dec. 16 decision over the $27 million building proposition, and Conlon said before making any decisions on EXCEL he would like to see the exit interviews.

"Moving forward on this, I would like to see those exit interview results. I do think under any circumstances, fixing the track should be presented with an EXCEL proposal," said Conlon.

The board will most likely look at attaching the EXCEL project to the May budget vote, along with a proposal to resurface the track.

"I think looking at a May vote would be most appropriate," said board President Margaret Smith.

The board also discussed the future of its kindergarten program, which is currently what they call "transitional." Students attend a half-day program until January, when they then move to full days. A public forum about making the entire program full day was scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 14, and board members said they are eager to see what parents' opinions are.

"Let's see what the parents want. There is a financial perspective as well," said Conlon.

If the district makes the switch to full day they would save about $50,000 in transportation costs and be eligible for $800,000 in state aid.""

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