EMS brass file ethics complaint against town

The complaint also states that "on or about Feb. 27, 2008, it was reported to Politis that Mahan plans to get rid of Politis/Berry for what they 'did' to Skerker/Gardner."

When asked about the allegations in the complaint, Gannon said that because the information was supposed to be confidential, he would not be commenting on behalf of himself or Mahan.

Gannon also said that the fact the media had copies of the complaint, "leads me to suspect that there's something more afoot here than anybody here at Town Hall's ethical standards."

The complaint also alleges that a part-time EMS employee had been contacted by Magguilli and threatened about helping the United Public Service Employees Union, the union defending LifeGuard, which is currently be audited as the town looks at the costs of maintaining its relationship with the air rescue program.

"Magguilli told them he would file a complaint against them and report them to their superiors if they didn't stop assisting the union," according to the document.

The complaint also states that, "We believe this targeting is intentional and is being done to force us to resign our positions so Mahan and Magguilli can accomplish their mission to 'get' us. This is a blatant abuse of a public official's power and a misuse of taxpayer dollars. The effort Mahan and Magguilli has put into harassing us has been intense and costly."

Magguilli said he had not yet seen the complaint, and that he was surprised The Spotlight had obtained a copy.

"These things are supposed to be confidential," he said. "Even if I did see it I wouldn't be able to comment on it."

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