SCCC reports increased enrollment

While he is unsure how the government is going to fund it, he says that it's good news for the lower income students. He said that students can generally get a student loan in their name to cover all of the tuition fees and books if they choose to attend a community college, vs. students who choose to go away to a four year school, where a student wouldn't be able to get a loan to completely cover the cost of tuition and books.

"Students do have options but they can only go so far, and then parents either have to kick in some money or they [students] have a problem," said McGarvey.

"At a community college, one of the advantages we have is since the students can cover the bill, we have relatively few parents who need to get a parent-student loan," he said.

The cost of tuition for spring 2009 at Schenectady County Community College is $1,515 for a full time student. For part time students, one-credit classes cost $126, two-credit classes cost $252 and 3-credit classes cost $378.

For information or to enroll, visit www.sunysccc.edu. ""

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