Emergency services vie to serve town

Tom Nardacci, spokesperson for Mohawk Ambulance, which has locations in Albany and Schenectady, said that they have offered the town an alternative plan.

"Put the brakes on before you rush to a decision," said Nardacci.

"Mohawk Ambulance is already in the town every day anyway because we provide mutual aid for whatever they're lacking, whatever they can't provide. We're saying we have the capability to handle all of Rotterdam's calls."

Mohawk Ambulance is offering to take over the service at no extra cost to the town. They announced that they are prepared to offer the following to Rotterdam EMS: a "bailout loan" to Rotterdam EMS consisting of three months operating expenses for wages, vehicle upkeep and fuel. During this three-month period, Rotterdam EMS would have to agree to deposit all of its receipts into an escrow account, which would be held by the town.

Mohawk Ambulance Service and the Town of Rotterdam would then negotiate the terms of their agreement, whereby Mohawk would provide exclusive ambulance service to the town of Rotterdam beginning at the end of this three-month period. Mohawk Ambulance Service would purchase all assets owned by Rotterdam EMS, including vehicles and equipment.

Nardacci said the company would also hire all of Rotterdam emergency workers so long as they met the company's employment criteria.

"We have to make sure everyone is up to the same standards. I don't know if there's a set list of specific criteria. I think the basic thing is make sure they have all their training and certification," said Nardacci.

Tommasone said that he believes Mohawk Ambulance does a "good job" and that he supports private industry. However, he wants to ensure the town has its own Emergency Medical Service responders.

Rotterdam Emergency Medical Services declined to comment.""

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